The actions of Bunnings management are putting thousands of Australian timber jobs at risk.

On the 1st of July thousands of timber workers in Victoria were gutted by Bunnings when they announced that they would stop selling timber and products made from wood harvested from state forests.

Just days later we are seeing demands by opponents of the timber industry for Bunnings’ bans on Victorian hardwood timber to be extended to New South Wales' timber.

If we do not say “enough is enough” and get them to reverse this decision it is inevitable that similar demands will be made on Bunnings about their supply of timber from Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

We need you to back up the pressure being put on Bunnings by the thousands of workers and community members who have emailed Bunnings’ management and their parent company, Wesfarmers.

Email the board of Bunnings’ parent company Wesfarmers and tell them to stop gutting timber jobs and that you will BOYCOTT BUNNINGS until they do.

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Thanks for speaking up!

Together we can force Bunnings to reverse this stupid and heartless decision.

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